Hindi at Vedic Vidyalay

Vedic Vidyalay encourages children to learn quickly, we expect children to complete Hindi learning in 5 years. We follow 4 step teaching method Shravanam (Listening), Bhashanam (Speaking), Pathanam (reading), Lekhanam (Wrinting). This is a natural method of teaching a language through language. 

Director of program: Rina Sharma


Here are our main goals for each year:
Maa & Me

  • Hear Hindi songs
  • Learn alphabet through coloring and other fun activities
  • Hear, speak basic Hindi words and sentences.
  • Learn Colors, Recognize few everyday things

Year 1 Shishu

  • Hear, speak basic Hindi words and sentences.
  • Start alphabet recognition
  • Learn Vowels
  • Body parts, Everyday things

Year 2 Pahali

  • Learn writing alphabet
  • Basic conversation in Hindi
  • Build Vocabulary upto 100 words

Year 3 Doosari

  • Hear and  speak,
  • Read sentences
  • Understand matras, conjunct letters
  • Build Vocabulary upto 300 words

Year 4 Tisari

  • Fluency in reading
  • Spell words
  • Write short sentences
  • Understanding of basic grammar such as nouns and pronouns

Year 5 Chauthi

  • Spoken Hindi
  • Indian culture


Winners of 2015 Kavia Pratiyogita :

1st place - Rithvik Rattehalli
2nd place - Ananya Gokhale
3rd place - Biswajoy Mazumdar
Level 1
1st place - Aashi Sharma
2nd place - Varshita Kumar
3rd place - Annika Bhatia
Level 2
1st place - Shraddha Rahul
2nd place - Parth Tripathi
3rd place - Mohita Belwariar
Level 3
1st place - Nehal Bajaj
2nd place - Kovid Sarin
3rd place - Avyay Vedala
Level 4
1st place - Khushi Sharma
2nd place - Niyati Shah and Akshita Bhashetty

3rd place - Shreya Aravindakshan

Curriculam The broad entrance guidelines and eligibility are:

Level  Eligibility Criteria
 Shishu  At least 5 year old
 Pahali  At least 7 years old
 Doosari  Recognize alphabet
 Tisari - Should be able to read words
 Chauthi  Interest in spoken Hindi and Indian Culture