Who are we

Vedic Vidyalay is volunteer not-profit organization involved in promoting Indian Languages, Vedic Mathematics, Arts and Sciences from India with the aim to address language and cultural needs of the Indo-American community.

Currently we run classes on Fridays from 6:00PM to 9:15 in three periods, students can enroll in one subject or all 3. Suggested donation for each class start at $200 for whole year. We have generous discount for early registration and multiple classes,  $50 for second class and $100 for third class.


Final Kavita and Math competition will be held on Sunday May 5th starting 2:00pm. The competition is at Churchill Junior High School, 8 Norton Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816
Participants will get certificate of participation, a small gift and free pizza/Samosa. Winners will get personalized trophy on annual day Register here 

Dance students will have performances during the celebration. Purna Vidya students will come and get us started with mantorchar of Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesh and Goddess Sarswati.

Tentative schedule is below, please arrive at least 30 minute before your child's  program. The participants in Vedicmath may have a fastest solver test 30min before actual event.

Start Competition
2:00 PM Setup & Start with Shlok 
2:30 PM Tamil Kavita
3:15 PM Telugu Kavita
3:40 PM Gujarati Kavita
3:50 PM Marathi Kavita
4:00 PM Hindi Kavita
5:00 PM Vedic Math foundation
5:30 PM Vedicmath  Level 1
6:00 PM Vedicmath  Level 2
6:30 PM Vedic Math Level 3 & SAT prep

1. A proper length Kavita should be selected and memorized,  bhajans or film songs are not  allowed. Suitable attire gets better marks.
2. Open to all past, current and future students of Vedic Vidyalay. Also it is open to kids of all volunteers/teachers. 
3. Compulsory to participate for enrolled subject, 20% will be added to spoken marks of final
4. The Kavita's suggested length and maximum time are dependent on age if not enrolled in the language
Shishu - Less than 7 yr, 4-6 lines 30 Seconds

Level 1 - up to 9 yr , 8-12 Lines  1 min
Level 2 - up to 10 yr, 12-16 lines 1.5 min 
Level 3 - Up to 11 yr , 12+ lines max 2 min
Level 4 & Advance - 12 & above, 12+ lines max 2 min  
Participants will be judged on following criteria
15 Content & Memorization,
10 Confidence,
10 Pronunciation,
  5 Attire/Costume
10 Action/Presentation
Register here 

Registration for Sept. 2019- June 2020

You get $50 discount for second class and $100 for third, take advantage of multiple classes under one roof. 

Select Vidyalay (school) you want to enroll-in.
years on Sept 1st

If you register for multiple classes you get $50 discount for second subject & $100 for third. Discounts calculated on next step.

Being volunteer organization Vedic Vidyalay depends on you please volunteer. Detailed term and conditions on left