We are selflessly serving the community for a Yug (12 years)

Vedic Vidyalay is volunteer non-profit organization involved in promoting Indian Languages, Vedic Mathematics, Arts and Sciences from India with the aim to address language and cultural needs of the Indo-American community. For Academic year 2021-22 we are conducting majority of classes online till January 2022. As classes are online you can join from any US locations. We are also exploring in-person classes in some locations, will update in couple of weeks.

Registration for academic year 2021-22 closing soon

Registration is open  for 2021-22 academic year, follow the registration link , classes have already started Last day to register oct 15th , 2021. 
This year also majority of classes or online, Franklin NJ, classes are in-person. Classes are held on Fridays, Guruvayurappan affiliated VedicMath classes on Saturday afternoon, some classes also on weekdays, please register and indicate your choice, we will try to accommodate.

Registration for Sept. 2021- June 2022

Fee for most subject is $200 for whole year, for more than one subject you get $50 discount for second and $100 for third subject.

Select the Vidyalay (school)/Online session you want to enroll-in. If any question, provide comment
Most classes are on Friday, other days depending on enrollment
Address where we can ship books
years on Sept 1st
General class availability 1st period regional languages, 2nd Hindi and 3rd VedicMath
If your child attended classes earlier, what Level will he/she go to, normally 1 to 5
Being volunteer organization Vedic Vidyalay depends on you please volunteer. Detailed term and conditions on left
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