About us

Vedic Vidyalay is volunteer not-profit organization involved in promoting Indian Languages, Vedic Mathematics, Arts and Sciences from India with the aim to address language and cultural needs of the Indo-American community. We run many in-person centers in central New Jersey and Online/Remote classes. We could be best reached by email  info--VedicVidyalay.org or call  7 3 2  3 O five O five O nine. Please replace -- by @ for email above. 

Our Mission

  • Promote Indian languages Hindi, Sanskrit, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and other Indian languages
    • Conduct program in public schools in a formal class room setup
    • Celebrate the culture of India by providing opportunity and environment to participate in various festivals. This will provide awareness and understanding of Indian culture
    • Language Day celebration (like Sanskrit Day, Annual day). This will serve as a forum where students can speak in foreign language by reciting poems, dances and singing.
    • Defined and measurable success criteria
    • Proprietary and hand-picked books
    • Average teacher experience of 3+ years
  • Promote Vedic Mathematics
    • Natural, original, unconventional, simple and direct
    • Increased speed in Mathematics and promotes interest
    • Improves math knowledge by showing clear connections between different branches of math
    • Mental calculations stimulate development and improve memory
    • Provides an alternate way to perform/ check calculations and results
    • Integrates the two hemispheres in the brain
    • Helps in spiritual development
  • Work with organization aligned on similar goals like Sanskrit Bharati
  • Be umbrella organization that provides access to variety of programs and sciences to augment school education. This will serve as a one-stop shop for parents to meet enrichment needs of their children
  • Actively work with public school system to include Indian language offering in school curriculum or as an elective