Gujarati Level 1 Curriculum

Vedic Vidyalay promotes reading, writing also in Gujarati apart from just speaking. Many Gujarati parent wrongly assume that as there kids speak the language at home no need to learn, this is like  saying why go in English class as they can speak.

Our Gujarati program is headed by Dipika Patel ji who is passionate about Indian languages and culture. 

2015 Kavita winners

Level 1 1 Ishani Desai
2 Hemansh Desai
3 Anya Patel
  Ved Patel
Level 2 1 Yash Pathak
2 Vidhi Patel
Level 3 1 Shlok Pathak
2 Parth Patel


  • Hear, speak basic Hindi words and sentences.
  • Start alphabet recognition
  • Learn Vowels
  • Body parts, Everyday things

Level 1

  • Learn writing alphabet
  • Basic conversation in Hindi
  • Build Vocabulary upto 100 words

Level 2

  • Hear and  speak,
  • Read sentences
  • Understand matras, conjunct letters
  • Build Vocabulary upto 300 words

Level 3

  • Fluency in reading
  • Spell words
  • Write short sentences
  • Understanding of basic grammar such as nouns and pronouns

As with other classes of Vedic Vidyalay students will be taught in Gujarati language they will be able to carry day-to-day  and classroom conversation in Gujarati.