Volunteer with Vedic Vidyalay; get hours and scholarship

Vedic schools and acamdemies provide many volunteer oppurtunities. Benefits we offer:

  • Apart from volunteer hours,
  • Recognize you in our appreciation day (may include a gift)
  • List you on our website for other to verify
  • Verify/recommend you in college admission ptocess if done an exceptional job

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Some of our past volunteers:

Volunteer's Name Activity Activity Hours Scholarship
Samanthika Devalaraju  Assistant carnatic vocal music teacher Prepare students the annual day event 45  
Mrs. FNU Shanjuvigasini  Hindi & Vedicmath teacher Prepare students for event    
Kendra Singh  Hindi teacher Vedicmath teacher    

Chaitali Mandavia

Hindi Teacher Dance teacher 150 $500

Manav Jadeja

Gujarati teacher   50 $250
Srishti Belwariar  Hindi teacher Prepare students for event 70  
Vishakha Agarwal  Assistant Hindi teacher   115  
Sruti Pari Bharatnatyam Teacher Tamil Teacher 150 $500
Shivani Thukaram Volunteer math teacher   60  
Akansha Ramabadran Assistant to art eacher   30  
Manasa Magesh Volunteer at events   20  
Aarushi Bhardwaj
volunteer teacher
Hardhik Kambampati Volunteer at events   25  
Sharanya Thodupunoori Volunteer at events   30  
Megha Gupta Volunteer dance teacher   30 $250
Krishna Satti Assistant vedicmath teacher   50  

Kaustubh Tiwari

Assistant math teacher Front desk 60  
Krishna Mody Hindi Teacher   30  
Vishwa Bhatt Vedicmath assistant teacher   20  
Niranjan Ganesh  Sanskrti teacher   35  
Harshika Gelvi Assistant Hindi teacher   30