Why enroll in Vedic Vidyalay?

  1. We provide one stop solution for your child's cultural, linguistic and art related education with classes in major Indian languages, Math, Music, Art and Dance.
  2. We are volunteer not for profit organization so it cost less than a cup of coffee a day.
  3. We celebrate most of the Indian festivals which gives them fun environment. Kids will come on their own instead of you forcing.
  4. We provide total environment with similarly aged students where kids enjoy learning. We also sponsor them for camps and trips.
  5.  We have road map to keep them engaged after basic knowledge of the language, by providing them volunteer opportunity, more advanced classes like Sanskrit as Foreign language in high school through SamskritBharati.
  6. We avoid demoralizing competitions and comparisons.
  7. We are parents ourselves so we know what works and how to keep them engaged and motivated.
  8. We can make your child read and write your language in a year or two (provided you speak the language at home, longer otherwise)

Many Indian parents in USA have question why send children for Indian language classes when they already converse in the language at home, conversing is good but is that enough?. Should we stop sending kids in English class because they already speak fluently!