Transferring from other Hindi classes to Vedic Vidyalay

Vedic Vidyalay encourages children to learn quickly, keeping this in mind we expect children to complete language learning in maximum 5 years. Your child can learn quicker if you interact with them in the language. Here is our main goals for each year

Year 1 Shishu - Hear, speak some and start recognizing vowels
Year 2 Pahali - Hear, speak simple words, common sentences and recognize alphabet
Year 3 Doosari - Hear, speak, read and understand matras, conjunct letters
Year 4 Tisari - Fluently read, write and understanding of language components,
Year 5 Chauthi - Have group discussion in language, thematic study, creative writing

Suggested age and other guidelines:
Shishu - be at least 5 year old
Level 1/Pahali - be at least 7 years old or done Shishu
Level 2/Doosari - Can recognize alphabet
Level 3/Tisari - Can read words
Level 4/Chauthi - Can read and write and recognizes language elements

Level 5/Advanced - Fluent communications (can write letters, essays and debate in the language)