Vedic Math -- It Isn’t Just Numbers…By Divya Dayal

   When it comes to basically anything with math in it, the first impression that the majority of people get isn’t that great. The same thing happened to me when I was joining Vedic Math. Who wants to spend their precious time in the weekends solving math problems? Personally, I would rather be sleeping than doing something like that.

    The main reason that I started taking classes in Vedic Math was probably because I was already taking Hindi classes there. When I saw that there were Vedic Math classes there, I wasn’t too excited about it at first. Even then, I thought it was worth a try, since who doesn’t want to finish their math homework and slump on the couch instead of slamming your face into a piece of paper? Nevertheless, it wasn’t something that fascinated me either. I still would have to take my time in doing extra homework. And I already had Hindi homework and schoolwork! Even then, I guessed that I would give it a try, as reluctant as I felt about it. To be honest, I didn’t even think it would get me any closer in raising my grade in Algebra, with all the formulas we have to cram in our feeble minds. Shooting for the A honor roll in school isn’t just a walk in the park. So, I came and sat down in class, ready to push myself through the lesson. (Don’t you see the pun in that paragraph? The A honor roll isn’t a walk in the PARCC? How I then SAT down in class? Don’t you think that’s funny? No? Oh. Nevermind, then…)

    But, of course, I was taken by surprise at the results of it. I didn’t really have any high hopes for the class at first, but I stood corrected. There were countless tricks to be learned, even though I am in Algebra. Though it may seem like basic operations at first, even the most simplest of problems aided in solving a much more complex, sophisticated one. As I went through these tricks, I was surprised that I’d never thought about math in such a different way! Vedic Math class was a place that I looked forward to going, especially with the competitive and friendly atmosphere, especially with a supporting teacher and many new friends made. I was positive that with all of the things we learned, no matter how challenging they were, would aid us in accomplishing many things in the future. It gave a different mindset to truly break down an equation into what it really is.

    Then, I came to the conclusion of one thing. An equation isn’t just made up of simply numbers. The numbers hold a meaning within them, and it isn’t just the variable that we have to find. I believe that every component of an equation is crucial in creating the math problem. Vedic Math helps us examine the true meaning of why we receive this answer, which is what makes it so unique. At the same time, it gives us a quick and easy method of solving even the most tedious of questions. Vedic Math and normal mathematics go hand in hand in creating a compelling yet simplistic way of solving questions. All in all, Vedic Math isn’t just made up of numbers. It is an important way in encouraging us on, and making us notice the true picture behind those variables.

    Now, I enter the classroom doors with more confidence, pencil in hand, eager to learn and ready to make an impact.