Enrollemet terms and conditions

I state that I am the parent and/or legal guardian of the student . If my child is found to be disruptive in the class by the classroom teacher(s), I accept his/her dismissal from the classroom for the rest of the school year. Classroom teacher(s) decision is final and I agree to abide by that decision. I also accept liability for any material damage caused by my child’s behavior in school. I accept that there will be no fee refunds, if my child voluntarily drops out of classes during the school year for any reason, or is dismissed. I/WE, on behalf of ourselves and our child's do hereby agree to hold Vedic Vidyalay a non‐profit organization, and its representatives, staff and members, volunteers, paid or unpaid, harmless from any responsibility or liability, any and all bodily injury and illness claims, demands, damages, costs, expense actions and cause of action arising from any act or occurrence while attending Vedic Vidyalay classes or as a result of participation in the programs and activities conducted under the auspices of Vedic Vidyalay. Further, I understand that while associated with Vedic Vidyalay, and while participating in their programs, my child would be photographed, taped, filmed, which may be displayed via electronic media, but not limited to media such as YouTube, to which I consent. I hereby waive all rights to privacy in photographs and videos, and to compensation related to the use of photographs and or videos. I/We agree to indemnify Vedic Vidyalay and its representatives, staff and members for any costs or liabilities which they may incur as a result of our or our child's participation in any of its programs. Furthermore, I/We waive any liabilities that Vedic Vidyalay and its members may have to me and my said child/children as a result of any injury, illness, or property damage while participating in their programs. I/We fully understand and assume full responsibility for ourselves and our said child/children's actions while entering into this arrangement with Vedic Vidyalay. Vedic Vidyalay also reserves the right to cancel any class and refund any fee prorated, deducting fees and cost of materials. Vedic Vidyalay also reserves the right to convert classes from classroom setting to other format like online, you will have the right to withdraw in that situation.