Woodbridge registration 2014-15

Select Vidyalay (school) you want to enroll-in. Some schools may not have regular in-person class, Online class will be available on same fee
Register confidently, fees are fully refundable up to 2 weeks, pro-rated afterward for genuine reason
Age on September 1st
1st. Period 6:30
Pre-Shishu,Shishu-6yr, 1,2 ,3, 4 or Advance. In Pre-Shishu a parent is required in the class.
2nd Period 7:20
3rd Period 8:10
Being volunteer organization Vedic Vidyalay depends on you please volunteer. Detailed term and conditions on left
Enter sibling's name if registered in Vedic Vidyalay, there will be $10 discount for it.
Enter language spoken at home, helps us group kids together
Expectation from the class. Leave a comment if something else is missing/can be improved in schedule/offering